Our proprietary wireless solution enables ISPs to deliver affordable and scalable gigabit speeds to home


Ridiculously Fast

Reliable Links

In-Year ROI

 Our links support aggregate speeds of over a gigabit. We use the unlicensed 60GHz millimeter-wave spectrum which supports 14 GHz of continuous bandwidth vs less than 0.3 GHz in WiFi unlicensed bands.  

We are the first to use phased array antennas which can be electronically steered in nanoseconds with a 90° field of view. We can auto-detect temporary obstructions in the line of sight and self-heal before a customer ever notices a disruption.

We have the cheapest per meter gigabit solution in the market which means in-year returns on each GTTH install.

We're 10X cheaper than digging fiber or installing dishes on rooftops of buildings.


Deploy in Minutes

Without the need for licenses, radio planning, or manual alignment: installation can be done in minutes by anybody. Our links are small and easily mount to roofs and posts. We'll take care of the rest with our smart controller and phased arrays.

Simplify Operations

Our smart cloud controller allows for intuitive planning and management of your network. We're not just talking about monitoring but activating mesh paths as new subscribers onboard or auto-healing failures in the network.  

Extend Existing Infrastucture

You can expand the service area of your new fiber build by a square block with Mokumoku. We fit right into your existing infrastructure -- whether it's copper, coax, fiber or WiFi to extend gigabit speeds to any location.


Wireless Gigabit Mesh Solutions for


Mokumoku's solution is the first cost-effective, reliable and scalable gigabit wireless broadband for single-family residences & small businesses, not just high-rise buildings (although it would work there, too).


Our boxes provide a cost-effective and headache-free extension of gigabit connections for corporate, healthcare and school campuses. Your IT department can do this without the need for construction permits and contractors.


Mokumoku's solution can be used to extend fiber access to macrocells and small cells. It will shorten the lead time of lighting up desirable small cells and public WiFi deployments.

About Mokumoku


We are an early stage startup based in Palo Alto, California, comprised of wireless experts.

Proud to be part of current Alchemist Accelerator Class XIV.